Free Spay for Female Pit Bulls/Pit Bull Mixes in Lumpkin County, GA

The Lumpkin County Animal Shelter has partnered with Animal Birth Control/Pet Vet, and Friends of Lumpkin County Shelter Animals, to present this program. Free spay for female Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mix dogs. This service includes vaccinations, worming, rabies shots, and microchipping if needed.

For more information on how to sign up and see if you’re animal qualifies for this service, please call the Lumpkin County Animal Shelter at 706-867-7297. Spay and rabies certificates may only be redeemed at:

Pet Vet Clinic, 43600 Martin Road, Cumming, GA. No surgeries are performed at the Lumpkin County Animal Shelter.

Please note that this program is limited to individual private pet owners, rescue groups and shelters are not eligible for this service.